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Christians and Civil Government by J. Peter Hill

Christians and Civil Government by J. Peter Hill

$ 24.95

Civil government is what we often call the state, which shares characteristics with other institutions.

But unlike any other institution, the state can encourage or compel people to do certain things. It sometimes has the legitimate authority to deprive us of life, liberty, and property. The Bible tells us that it and our human governors are ordained by God.

The key question this book asks is, "What has God taught us about the state?"

The author also explores other questions, such as:

  • Have we uncritically accepted ideas about civil government from our culture?
  • Is our political identity adequately characterized as "conservative" or "progressive" - or should there be something more?
  • What does the Old Testament teach us about civil government?
  • What can we learn from Jesus's relationship with the political powers of his day?

This book also highlights the apostles' interaction with local and Roman authorities and how the doctrinal statements of thoughtful Christians of the past should inform our views of civil government.

Challenge political assumptions and ground your thinking in ways to honor God with the wisdom in Christians and Civil Government.

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