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Forman Pottery Mug

$ 25.00


-Actual shape and color of mug may vary from online pictures because each mug is unique and handmade. Please call or email the store for details on color and shape of mugs available.

This handmade stoneware mug was designed and crafted by Covenant Alum John-Michael Forman. 

Forman Pottery is functional pottery with an earthy and elegant aesthetic. Perfect stoneware for displaying as artwork in the home or beautiful pieces to use every day at meals or while enjoying a hot drink.

John-Michael states, "following in the footsteps of my older sister, I started dabbling in pottery at the age of 16. After a high school class and a couple years of ignoring my calling, I continued studying ceramics at the collegiate level. With each spin of the wheel, I became increasingly convinced that my mind, body, and soul where all hardwired for this craft.

Upon graduation, I pursued a small and short-lived full-time career in pottery. My ambitions quickly failed me and I started working as a full-time carpenter, with ceramics filling my free time. 

After a few years of carpentry, my fledgling pottery business started to pick up, and before I knew it I had to quit my day job and start making pots.

Now I'm spending the bulk of my time scouring the Chattanooga area trying to fill every appealing niche that I come across. 

My wife Hannah and I live in St. Elmo at the foot of Lookout Mountain, and I work in a basement in north Chattanooga creating, inventing, worshiping, and playing with mud."


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